2021 Agenda


The 2021 agenda of the Didactics Commission of CHS PAS

The 10th edition of the Doctoral Seminar on History Didactics is to be prepared in November, in cooperation with the University of Gdańsk .

Preparation of NCN research grant application during the second half of 2021.


The 2021 agenda of the Women’s History Commission of CHS PAS

Organization of the international conference Schools of feeling. Gender in the historical processes of shaping emotions on 23-24 June 2022 in cooperation with Faculty of History of the University of Warsaw and Institute of History PAS.

A discussion on the bookKobiety w Polsce 1945-1989. Nowoczesność-Równouprawnienie-Komunizm (Women in Poland, 1945-1989; Modernity – Equality of Rights –Communism)by K. Stańczak-Wiślicz, P. Perkowski, M. Fidelis, B. Klich-Kluczewska is to be organised in autumn.


The 2021 agenda of the Czech History and Polish-Czech Relations Commission of CHS PAS

The conference Człowiek w niewoli uczuć. Przyjaźń, miłość, nienawiść w Czechach i w Polsce w średniowieczu i wczesnej epoce nowożytnej (Man Enslaved by Emotions. Friendship, Love and Hate in Czechia and Poland in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period), organised in cooperation with the Raciborz Museum, is planned on September.


The 2021 agenda of the Cities’ History Commission of CHS PAS

The annual conference is taking place in September, this year titled Konflikty w miastach Królestwa Polskiego, Rzeczypospolitej, Pomorza i Śląska w XIII-XVIII wieku i sposoby ich przezwyciężania (Conflicts in the Cities of the Kingdom of Poland, the Polish Republic, Pomerania and Silesia in XIII-XVIII and the Means of Overcoming Them )It will include the Young Researchers Forum, dedicated to the structures and relations of power in preindustrial cities. The conference is co-organised by IH PAS, the Institute of Archeology and Etnology PAS and the German Historical Institute in Warsaw.


The 2021 agenda of the History of Demographic and Social Structures Commission of CHS PAS

Organisation of two nationwide conferences in the series Społeczne i demograficzne uwarunkowania przemian ludnościowych na ziemiach polskich w XIV-XX wieku (Social and Demographic Conditions of Population Transformations on Polish Lands in XIV-XX Centuries) in May and November. 

Co-organisation of the Seminar Przeszłość ku przyszłości – powszechne spisy ludności na ziemiach polskich (Past towards the Future – Census on Polish Lands) together with the Committee on Demographic Studies PAS ( 10 March 2021).

Preparation of a printed edition of the scientific journal Przeszłość Demograficzna Polski, vol. 43, 2021, available on the Scopus platform.


The 2021 agenda of the Comission of Public History of CHS PAS

An on-line seminar on public history to be organised in the form of open discussions on various projects: publications, exhibitions, installations, audio or video recordings and other forms of activities. 

The series Historia w działaniu (History in Action) under PWN publishing is to be reactivated.

Another edition of Public History Summer School to be organised in hybrid form in Wrocław, in cooperation with the University of Wrocław, University of Luxembourg and International Federation for Public History.


The 2021 agenda of the Lithuanistic Commission of CHS PAS

The 30th Lithuanistic conference is taking place on 28-29 September 2021, titled: Wielkie Księstwo Litewskie: urzędy i urzędnicy (Grand Duchy of Lithuania: Offices and Clerks). The subjects under discussion are going to be: the offices, officials and clerks – land, municipal and private. Depending on the epidemic situation, the form of the meeting will be either hybrid or fully remote. During the conference the Rocznik Lituanistyczny award, created thanks to the support of the Trzy Trąby Foundation, will be presented. Volume VII of  Rocznik Lituanistyczny is to be published.   


The 2021 agenda of the Numismatic Studies Commission of CHS PAS

2-3 meetings to be organised in 2021 with the purpose of presentation and discussion of the newest achievements in Polish and worldwide numismatics in terms of history of the ancient, medieval and modern money.

Publication of the annual Wiadomości Numizmatyczne and sending the application of the journal’s acceptance to the DOAJ and ERIH+ databases.

Two meetings within the International Numismatic Council are to be held in 2021.



The 2021 agenda of the Slavic and Eastern European Studies Commission of CHS PAS

2 meetings planned on April and November. 

Working on projects within the XXIII International Congress of Historical Sciences, namely the two panels organised by the Commission: Borders and Borderlands: the Slavdom Over the Centuries and The Slavic World and the Islamic World: Encounters – Conflicts – Cooperation. 

Preparation of the related publication Borders, Borderlands, Language: Culture and Society in the Slavic Area through the Centuries in autumn.


The 2021 agenda of the Theory and History of Historiography and Methodology of History Commission of CHS PAS

Monthly meetings planned to deal with the following:

Preparation of  recommendations in terms of block education of subjects related to theoretical and methodological issues of historical knowledge for the 1st and 2nd grade students of history.

Launching the internet site Forum Badaczy Teorii, Historii Historiografii i Metodologii Historii (The Researchers of Theory, History of Historiography and Methodology of History Forum)

Working on a handbook on methodology of history

Regular meetings of the Jerzy Topolski Seminar.

The Commission is acting as co-organizer or patron of the following conferences:

International conference Zmiany i oczekiwania. Wobec nowych orientacji i nurtów badawczych w polskiej i ukraińskiej nauce historycznej, Lublin, 28-29 May 2021, organised by the Historiographic Society (Lublin), Theory and History of Historiography and Methodology of History Commission of CHS PAS.

Nationwide interdisciplinary conference for PhD candidates and young scholars Historie potencjalne i ratownicze: epidemie, kryzysy, katastrofy(Potential Rescue Stories: Epidemics, Crisis, Disasters) (Łódź, 24-25 June 2021, ZOOM), organised by the Faculty of Philosophy and History of University of Łódź, Young Scholars Section of Theory and History of Historiography and Methodology of History Commission of CHS PAS.

Nationwide conference Historiografia II Rzeczypospolitej i jej miejsce w dziejach polskiej nauki historycznej (Historiography of the Second Polish Republic and Its Place in the History of Polish Historical Science).(Rzeszów, 23-24 September 2021), organised by the Historiographic Society, Faculty of History of University of Rzeszów, Theory and History of Historiography 


The 2021 agenda of the History of Book Culture Commission of CHS PAS

2 meetings are to be held between October and December, one dedicated to  the place of historical bibliology in the context of the new list of scientific disciplines and the removal of the field of bibliology and information science, the other to the research situation in terms of book culture history in international context and the achievements of Polish scholars in the field.